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For an Exceptional Clean, Get a Powerful Machine.

How clean is clean? It's going above the standards. Exceeding expectations. Not just passing inspection - passing your inspection. Our durable machines are engineered to deliver an exceptional clean - quickly, consistently and comfortably. Every day. Every time. Every floor. It's time to go beyond vacuum cleaners.

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Built to last, our deep-cleaning uprights are easy to use and easy to maintain.


Lightweight backpacks feature cushioned harnesses for comfort.


Portable canisters perform powerfully on any surface.

Wide Area

Ultra-wide cleaning paths clean up to 50% faster.

Air Movers

Get wet carpet and floor dry in no time with our durable, easy-to-move machines.


Deep clean spots or whole areas with cold or hot water cleaning power.

Floor Machines

Quickly clean, burnish or buff hard floor surfaces to a brilliant shine.