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Save 10% with code MAY10 *Excluding SC679K, SC5500B, SC580A & Electrostatic Sprayers



Boost Productivity by Combining Multiple Cleaning Steps


Sanitaire commisioned AICS - a third-party cleaning industry consultant - to design and implement a practical time study to determine average cleaning rates for manual and mechanized hard floor cleaning.

The time-and-motion study focuses on obstructed and unobstructed hard floor cleaning in a hospitality setting to verify practical cleaning times. The principles of a practical time-and-motion study can be applied in any building type and floor surface to verify the production rates in a real-world setting.

The purpose of this study is to verify average practical product rates for hard floor cleaning in a commercial building using mechanization and best practice.

Three males and two females participated in the study. The flooring was luxury vinyl tile (LVT) in an obstructed space – a 266 sq ft. hotel room. The workers took turns cleaning both spaces with multiple manual cleaning tools and the Sanitaire HydroClean™ hard floor washer.

Manual cleaning tools include angle broom and dustpan, flat mop, trigger spray bottle, lint/sticky roller, upright vacuum and wet mop.

Based on the results of the practical cleaning time, the HydroClean® vacuums and washes all at once and cleans twice as fast as traditional cleaning processes.

Email us at for more informaiton about the Time Study.

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