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Don't Let Dirty Socks Ruin Your Guest's Stay!

Hotel guests are expecting an all-around high level of cleanliness, and the floors are no exception. Hotel floors are often heavily trafficked and can accumulate dirt and debris, making them difficult to keep clean. However, traditional cleaning methods such as using a multi-step vacuum, mop, and sticky roller process can be time-consuming for staff and ineffective at actually cleaning the floors. This can lead to decreased cleanliness room scores which can negatively impact a hotel brand's reputation. Specifically, one of the main complaints is dirty socks when guests are walking around their room! This is where the Sanitaire® HydroClean® Hard Floor Washer comes in - a powerful cleaning machine that efficiently removes dirt from hotel room floors while keeping your socks clean.

    • Cut your Cleaning Time in Half*: Using a multi-step cleaning process can be time-consuming and it doesn't always provide a thorough clean. The Sanitaire® HydroClean® Hard Floor Washer utilizes a two-tank technology to keep dirty water separate from the cleaning solution, so you’ll never use dirty water to wash your floors. The vacuum feature efficiently removes the dirt that that traditional cleaning methods might miss.

    • Improved productivity: The Sanitaire® HydroClean® Hard Floor Washer has also been proven to cut your cleaning time in half*, allowing staff to clean rooms in less time while delivering an exceptional clean. The self-cleaning feature makes sure no dirt or pet hair is spread from room to room and allows staff to manage other tasks while the HydroClean® cleans itself.

    • Improved Guest Experience: Guests expect a clean and comfortable room when they stay at a hotel. The Sanitaire® HydroClean® Hard Floor Washer can help to provide that experience by leaving hard floors virtually spotless and removing dirt and grime. Guests are also less likely to complain about dirty socks on hard floors, which can impact the reputation of the hotel.

    • Cleaner Carpets or mixed floor rooms: Even if your rooms haven’t fully switched over to hard floor surfaces in room and hallways, dirt removal from carpets can also lead to dirty socks. The Sanitaire EON® QuietClean® Vacuum is another commercial vacuum that is specifically designed to help hotels save time and money and is rated for carpet and hard floor vacuuming. With its lightweight design and ergonomic usability, the EON® is easy to maneuver from room to room, reducing the time and effort required to clean large areas. The EON® also features an adjustable height setting and on-board tool storage system, making it easy to customize for different cleaning tasks. Backed by the Carpet and Rug institute, this Gold rated vacuum achieved the highest standards of removing dirt and even doubles pickup on hard surfaces**!

So, say goodbye to dirty hotel room floors and hello to cleaner rooms, higher guest satisfaction scores, and a more efficient cleaning process. The Sanitaire® Brand delivers powerful and efficient cleaning solutions that can help hotels maintain a high level of cleanliness while reducing costs and improving guest satisfaction. Upgrade your cleaning equipment today and enjoy the benefits of a Sanitaire® helping you clean Better, Faster, Deeper and Anytime.

*Based on an AICS Time & Motion Study as compared to a typical three-step manual cleaning process.

**Based on ASTM F2607 testing of the SC5500B & SC5500A.

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