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Cleaning Comfortably: The Importance of Ergonomics

Standing desks. Split keyboards. Lumbar support.

Ergonomics plays an important role in the workplace to ease repetitive tasks and increase productivity. Whether you’re typing 100 words per minute or lifting heavy buckets and vacuuming between cubicles all day, it’s no secret these tasks are taking a toll on your body. It’s essential to find safe, effective products to get the job done. Fortunately, the concept of ergonomics has been studied and developed to do just that–help you to be productive in a way that is best for you and your body.

Safety is essential in the success of any job–especially in an industry such as Janitorial/Sanitation–in which back, neck, shoulder and muscle trauma are so common. In fact, close to 40,000 janitors/cleaners suffered injuries in 2014 which all required time off.* While the productivity of a machine is important, employees taking time off due to an unsafe working condition isn’t exactly efficient. The key to creating a safe environment while increasing productivity is to consider ergonomically conscious products and practices.

Even in such a rigorous industry, it is possible for diligent workers to be comfortable performing their tasks if the right products and/or practices are utilized. There are dozens of products in the lineup of cleaners using revolutionary technology that are specifically designed to tackle certain jobs. For instance, maneuverability is important for packed rooms like those with several desks or cubicles. Weight is especially important when a machine is used for a long period of time or must be transported easily and quickly. Additionally, new features like on-board tools can be beneficial for quick access. All of these things are factors that make or break the ergonomics of a machine.

While there are many ergonomically-designed cleaners, one of the most noteworthy categories is the backpack vacuum. Backpack vacuums can alleviate the stress of maneuvering in small spaces. Backpacks are also designed to help the user maintain balance as it distributes weight equally across the body. The responsibilities of a professional cleaner can be demanding, so why not make it as comfortable as you can for them? A happy worker is a more productive worker.


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