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Save 10% with code JULY10 *Excluding SC679K, SC5500B, SC580A & Electrostatic Sprayers


Extending Education Resources: Sanitaire's Solutions for Productivity, Performance and Budgets

Extending Education Resources: Sanitaire's Solutions for Productivity, Performance and Budgets


As educational institutions face continued challenges in maintaining cleanliness across their campuses, the need for efficient and effective cleaning solutions has never been more critical. From elementary schools to larger college campuses, labor shortages and budget constraints are putting pressure on educators and facility managers to find innovative ways to keep classrooms and facilities clean while maximizing productivity and safety.

Challenges Facing Schools Today

Labor shortages have become a significant obstacle, making it increasingly difficult for schools to maintain a high standard of cleanliness. “There’s not enough cleaners, there aren’t enough hours on the job, it’s been getting much harder to clean the schools”, says Ines Lizama, a K-12 school cleaner of over 20 years (1).

As Park High School and numerous other educational facilities grapple with staffing shortages in their custodial departments, principals and administrators find themselves compelled to take matters into their own hands (2). From vacuuming classroom floors to emptying bins, the burden of maintaining cleanliness falls heavily on already overworked staff members.  This not only detracts from educators' primary focus on student development but also encroaches on their personal and family time, including weekends.

The challenges extend beyond commercial cleaning services to include substitute teacher shortages and staffing issues in other vital areas such as food services. With limited resources and increasing demands, educational institutions are struggling to uphold the standards of cleanliness necessary for creating safe and conducive learning environments.

These labor challenges are exacerbated by financial constraints, as schools and childcare centers contend with limited budgets and difficulty in competing with other job opportunities offering higher wages (3,4). The ongoing battle to recruit and retain cleaning staff highlights the need for cost-effective and productivity-enhancing cleaning solutions that can alleviate the burden on already stretched resources.

The need for productivity extends beyond traditional schools and expands to large-format schools and universities as well. Compounding the labor constraints in cleaning are the logistical challenges posed by traditional corded vacuum cleaners. The extensive cords present tripping hazards in crowded corridors and stadium classrooms, while also impeding productivity by limiting the range of cleaning. As schools strive to create safe and conducive learning environments, the need for cordless and quiet cleaning solutions has become imperative.

Sanitaire®: The Solution to Educational Cleaning Challenges 

Sanitaire® understands the unique challenges facing educational institutions and offers a range of commercial-grade vacuum cleaners designed to elevate cleaning performance while addressing productivity, budgets, and safety concerns.  Our portfolio of products is not just about immediate solutions; it's about long-term value. Sanitaire® products are engineered for durability, ensuring a lasting investment that stands the test of time in the demanding environment of educational facilities. Our long lasting commercial-grade products are designed for ease of maintenance and repair, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency. With Sanitaire®, you can count on reliable performance, reduced operational costs, and peace of mind knowing that you're investing in a trusted brand committed to your success. From the initial purchase price to the ongoing cost of ownership, we prioritize affordability without compromising on quality. 

Sanitaire® FORCE® QuietClean® Upright Vacuum: Elevating Cleaning Performance 

The Sanitaire® FORCE® SC5845D represents a significant upgrade from our Traditional line of cleaning equipment. Certified with the CRI Gold Seal of Approval, the FORCE® delivers exceptional cleaning results on carpets as well as above floor areas such as furniture and desks. With wider 15 inch cleaning paths and bagless technology, they offer long-term savings and increased efficiency. The QuietClean® technology ensures minimal disruption during daytime cleaning, allowing students to focus on their studies. Equipped with a fully sealed HEPA filtration system and onboard tools for above-ground cleaning, the FORCE® line is tailored to meet the demanding cleaning needs of educational environments.   

Sanitaire® EON® QuietClean® Upright Vacuum: Setting a New Standard in Cleanliness 

For institutions seeking superior cleaning performance and enhanced durability, Sanitaire's EON® is the ideal choice. This multi-surface vacuum doubles debris pickup on hard surfaces* and is built to last with a powerful long-life motor and easy to maintain design with brush roll speed monitoring, decreasing the need for belt replacement and down time. Featuring a fully sealed HEPA filtration system this upright will ensure optimal indoor air quality, promoting a healthier environment for students and staff alike. The Sanitaire® EON® offers unmatched reliability and efficiency, making it the best in class in upright commercial vacuums.   

Sanitaire® TRANSPORT® Cordless Backpack Vacuum: Cordless Flexibility and Productivity 

As business needs of increasing productivity grow the Sanitaire® TRANSPORT® Cordless Backpack Vacuum lets you clean more in less time covering up to +89% more ground compared to an upright vacuum.**  This lightweight and ergonomic backpack vacuum cleaner is powered by a strong 24V 8ah battery to provide up to 70 minutes of runtime, allowing for comfortable cleaning even during long cleaning sessions. With two-speed settings and handheld controls, users can customize cleaning power while monitoring battery life, enhancing efficiency.  The high-performance sealed HEPA filtration system is designed to capture at least 99.97% of 0.3 micron particles and smaller, providing a cleaner environment for both your students and staff. The elimination of cords eliminates tripping hazards, making it an ideal choice for large-format schools, long hallways with limited outlets, large staircases, and open campuses. 

Sanitaire® RESTORE™ Commercial Upright Carpet Extractor: Versatile Carpet Cleaning 

Designed to tackle even the toughest carpet cleaning tasks in educational environments, this commercial-grade carpet cleaner boasts a powerful two-motor system that penetrates deep into carpet fibers to extract embedded dirt and grime. From the expansive library to high-traffic hallways, the RESTORE™ efficiently cleans large areas with its 10.5" cleaning path and dual-direction capabilities, enhancing productivity and ensuring quick dry times. Also equipped with a long-reach 9' hose and a 6" hand tool, this versatile cleaner tackles smaller carpet messes and furniture, providing comprehensive cleaning for every corner of your school or campus.  

Partnering with Sanitaire for Cleaner, Safer Educational Environments 

As educational institutions navigate the challenges of maintaining cleanliness amidst labor shortages and budget constraints, Sanitaire® stands as a trusted partner in providing innovative commercial grade cleaning solutions for every unique use case. From the FORCE® and EON® upright vacuums to the TRANSPORT® Cordless Backpack Vacuum, Sanitaire® offers a comprehensive range of commercial-grade vacuum cleaners tailored to meet the unique needs of schools and universities. By investing in Sanitaire's reliable and efficient cleaning equipment, educational institutions can ensure cleaner, safer environments for students, educators, and staff. 

How has Sanitaire® helped your business or commercial cleaning service save time, clean better or do you want to share love for our products? Email us at and let us know, we would love to feature you and your business experience!    







  (5)Labor Constraints in Cleaning 

  (6)*Based on ASTM F2607 testing of the SC5500B & SC5500A 

  (7)**versus Sanitaire® EON® QuietClean® Corded Vacuum SC5500A, ACIS Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Time and Motion Study 2016 

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