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Save 10% with code MAY10 *Excluding SC679K, SC5500B, SC580A & Electrostatic Sprayers
Save 10% with code MAY10 *Excluding SC679K, SC5500B, SC580A & Electrostatic Sprayers


Furry Colleagues, Flawless Floors: Enhancing Workplace Cleanliness with Sanitaire® Portable Solutions

Furry Colleagues, Flawless Floors: Enhancing Workplace Cleanliness with Sanitaire® Portable Solutions

You may have noticed a few furry and four-legged employees in your office lately! Pet-friendly workplaces are a growing trend as more households adopted pets in recent years and are returning to the office. Bringing your pet into the office can bring a multitude of benefits to a business, including increased employee morale and productivity.

Studies have shown that allowing employees to bring their pets to work can result in decreased stress levels and increased job satisfaction, leading to higher productivity.(1) This creates a more positive and relaxed work environment, which can improve employee well-being and contribute to the overall success of the business.

While pet-friendly offices can be beneficial, they also come with challenges, such as pet hair and messes that can be difficult to clean up. The Sanitaire® portfolio of commercial-grade portable cleaning products addresses these challenges, providing a pet-friendly solution for businesses, employees, and customers. Our products can help you clean better, faster, anytime, and improve the air you breathe, while remaining cost efficient.

Clean Better & Faster with the Sanitaire® HydroClean® Hard Floor Washer

Easily remove messes better than a mop and bucket and avoid spreading dirty water around by using the Sanitaire HydroClean® Hard Floor Washer. The HydroClean® cuts your cleaning time in half(2) so you can boost your productivity and your bottom line.

Improve Your Productivity with the Sanitaire® TRANSPORT® Cordless Backpack Vacuum

Equipped with advanced technology and a powerful suction system, the TRANSPORT® Cordless Backpack Vacuum ensures a thorough clean in record time, allowing you to clean +89% more sq/ft/hr than a corded upright vacuum in a typical office environment.(3) Utilizing multi-battery technology, this vacuum can run on one or two batteries and can seamlessly switch from one battery to another. We understand that buying a more productive product means nothing if it is too heavy to be worn. With its impressive lightweight design of <15 lbs this 4qt capacity vacuum allows cleaners to navigate through large spaces and tight corners effortlessly.

Improve the air you breathe with the Sanitaire® EON® QuietClean® Upright Vacuum

Equipped with a fully sealed HEPA filtration system, the EON® Upright Vacuum captures 99.97% of dirt and debris, to improve indoor air quality for guests and employees while decreasing the amount of dirt and debris transmitting from room to room. The EON® also earned the highest Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) provides – Gold Level.

Clean Deeper with the Sanitaire® RESTORE™ Upright Carpet Extractor

Don’t stress about unavoidable pet messes, especially on the office carpet. Our commercial grade RESTORE™ Upright Carpet Extractor cleans deep to remove tough pet stains, messes, and odors. The upright deep cleaner can clean large areas efficiently and tackle hard to reach messes with the long reach hose and tough stain tool - cleaning couches and chairs without the need of an additional machine.

Clean Anytime with the Sanitaire® TRACER™ Cordless Vacuum

Clients coming in on short notice? The Sanitaire® TRACER™ Cordless Vacuum is ready to clean debris to make sure your hard floors and carpets look clean and refreshed. It’s a lightweight and easy to store design making it the perfect vacuum to clean anywhere, anytime.

Connect with Us – Share Your Furry Friends with Sanitaire®!

We want to hear from you and see how your pets work in the office. Share your pets in the office on social media and be sure to tag Sanitaire® Commercial on LinkedIn and Facebook.(4) Click the links below to ensure you’re following us!


(2) Based on an AICS Time & Motion Study as compared to a typical three-step manual cleaning process

(3) versus Sanitiare® EON® QuietClean® Corded Vacuum SC5500A, ACIS Commerical Vacuum Cleaner Time and Motion Study 2016

(4) Any photos or other content that you share with Sanitaire will be subject to our User Generated Content License Agreement.

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