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Save 10% with code JUNE10 *Excluding SC679K, SC5500B, SC580A & Electrostatic Sprayers


Revolutionizing Commercial Cleaning: The Sanitaire® TRANSPORT® Cordless Backpack Vacuum

Revolutionizing Commercial Cleaning: The Sanitaire® TRANSPORT® Cordless Backpack Vacuum

In the dynamic world of commercial cleaning, specifically Building Service Contractors (BSCs) servicing large office buildings, large format educational institutions, and hospitality segments, all face unique challenges. Efficiency, comfort, and productivity are key factors in delivering top-notch cleaning services. The Sanitaire® TRANSPORT® Cordless Backpack vacuum is a commercial grade solution from Sanitaire that has redefined the cleaning experience.

Increased Productivity

Cleaning efficiency is the standard in the commercial cleaning industry, and the Sanitaire® brand recognizes this need. Equipped with advanced technology and a powerful suction system, this vacuum ensures a thorough clean in record time, allowing you to clean +89% more sq/ft/hr than a corded upright vacuum in a typical office environment*. Utilizing multi-battery technology, this vacuum can run on one or two batteries and can seamlessly switch from one battery to another. This allows you to develop a battery management process to charge one or two batteries while using the vacuum and swap as needed *(2 batteries and charger included, additional batteries sold separately). This uninterrupted workflow allows for increased productivity, enabling cleaning professionals to cover larger areas in less time without sacrificing quality.

Lightweight Design

Freeing you from the burden, The Sanitaire® TRANSPORT® Cordless Backpack vacuum understands the importance of minimizing operator fatigue and strain. We understand that buying a more productive product means nothing if it is too heavy to be worn. With its impressive lightweight design of <15 lbs this 4qt capacity vacuum allows cleaners to navigate through large spaces and tight corners effortlessly. No longer burdened by heavy equipment, professionals can move swiftly and complete their tasks with ease.

Unmatched Comfort

'Cleaning with a smile’ comfort is at the core of Sanitaire® and the TRANSPORT® Cordless Backpack vacuum design. The ergonomically designed backpack harness system evenly distributes the weight across the shoulders and back, providing a snug fit and unparalleled comfort for any body type, frame, and shape during long cleaning sessions. Cleaners can bid farewell to sore muscles and discomfort, allowing them to maintain their energy levels and perform at their best. The result? A happier, more motivated workforce that consistently delivers exceptional cleaning results.

From quickly cleaning large stairwells, offices, conference rooms, and libraries (with sound levels a librarian would appreciate, at only 64 dBa!) The Sanitaire® TRANSPORT® Cordless Backpack is a commercial grade vacuum that has emerged as a trailblazer in the commercial cleaning realm, revolutionizing the way professionals approach their daily tasks. By addressing the crucial aspects of weight, comfort, and productivity, this innovative solution has become an invaluable asset to the cleaning industry. With its lightweight design, exceptional comfort, and unparalleled productivity, this vacuum has set a new standard for efficiency and effectiveness.

As professionals strive to achieve optimal cleaning results and exceed client expectations, investing in the Sanitaire® TRANSPORT® Cordless Backpack vacuum is a step toward transforming the cleaning experience. Embrace the power of a lightweight, comfortable, and highly productive tool, and witness the positive impact it has on both your cleaning staff and your business.

*versus Sanitiare® EON® QuietClean® Corded Vacuum SC5500A, ACIS Commerical Vacuum Cleaner Time and Motion Study 2016

**70min run time on regular speed using both batteries

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