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Save 10% with code JUNE10 *Excluding SC679K, SC5500B, SC580A & Electrostatic Sprayers


Business Case: Revolutionizing Cleaning Efficiency with the Sanitaire® TRANSPORT® Cordless Backpack Vacuum

Business Case: Revolutionizing Cleaning Efficiency with the Sanitaire® TRANSPORT® Cordless Backpack Vacuum

Business Challenges:

Stanley and Raquel, proactive franchisees responsible for managing cleaning operations in large commercial office buildings, faced several significant challenges while using a traditional corded backpack vacuum. Their prior equipment presented multiple issues that impacted productivity, safety, and overall operational costs:

Previous Corded Backpack challenges:

  • Size and Weight: The 10QT corded backpack vacuum was bulky and heavy, making it cumbersome for his cleaning team to maneuver. This negatively impacted their efficiency, especially when navigating through tight spaces in office buildings. The large backpack vacuum also contributed to back pain at the end of a long work day and made it difficult to pick back up the next day.

  • Cord Hassles: The cord constantly getting stuck, tangled, unplugged from the wall, or stretching across offices created significant operational hindrances. It not only slowed down the cleaning process but also posed a safety risk to both Stanley's team and the office occupants. The 50ft cord also made packing up at each location longer and more extensive.

  • Expensive Upfront Cost: The recommended units were expensive, increasing operational costs and reducing profitability, especially for a machine he and his team didn’t want to use. The replacement parts and bags were also expensive and often difficult to purchase due to in stock availability.

They were looking for a solution that would allow them and their team to utilize the efficiency of a backpack vacuum, that was comfortable and light enough to be worn and used all day for extended times.

Solution and Outcome:

They decided to explore alternative solutions, and their positive prior experience with a Sanitaire vacuum played a pivotal role in his decision to switch to the Sanitaire® TRANSPORT® Commercial Cordless Backpack Vacuum. They recognized that transitioning to a cordless model would offer a wide range of benefits, not only in terms of productivity but also in providing a superior cleaning service to his clients. Here's how the Sanitaire® TRANSPORT® Commercial Cordless Backpack Vacuum addressed Stanley and Raquel’s challenges:

Performance and Operational Efficiency:

  • Strong Suction and Carpet Quality: The Sanitaire® TRANSPORT® Commercial Cordless Backpack Vacuum delivers exceptional suction, leaving visible lines in the carpet that reflect a higher quality of cleaning. Stanley and Raquel's clients appreciate the improved results and felt confident that the building was deeply cleaned.

  • Attractive Cost of Ownership: Sanitaire’s backpack vacuum package includes two batteries and a dual-charging station at an attractive price, aligning with their business budget. Additional bags and batteries are easily available and in-stock ensuring machines are in use and not waiting on items to use.

  • Adaptable Cordless Continuous Cleaning: The ability to operate with one or two batteries at a time, while the other charges, ensures uninterrupted cleaning, eliminating downtime and increasing overall operational efficiency.

  • Increased Productivity and Time Savings: The absence of a cord saved the team over 30 minutes per cleaning session. Employees can finish their work earlier and spend more time with their families instead of wrapping and unwrapping cords multiple times when travelling to and within buildings.

  • Versatile Maneuverability: The swivel head design of the floor attachment maintains consistent suction and enables easy navigation in tight spaces in and around offices and stairs. The curved wand was comfortable for long term use compared to the previous unit which had a straight wand and required an awkward position to use properly.

Increased Employee Satisfaction and Safety:

  • Lightweight and Comfortable: This cordless vacuum is lightweight at <15lbs and comfortable to wear, even during extended cleaning shifts and on smaller frames. The 4Qt capacity is still more than enough to last multiple days of cleaning over 10,000 sq/ft each day.

  • Enhanced Safety: The cordless design eliminates the risk of tripping hazards, making it safer for Stanley's team to work in busy office spaces without disturbing occupants.

Client Satisfaction:

  • Quiet Operation: The Sanitaire® TRANSPORT® Commercial Cordless Backpack Vacuum operates quietly at only 64 dBa, leading to higher satisfaction among clients, especially when office workers are still at their desks, participating in phone, in-person, or virtual meetings. Clients have made comments about how quiet the vacuum is and how it doesn’t bother them at all.

  • Sealed HEPA Filtration: The integrated Sealed HEPA filtration system prevents cross-contamination as the team moves from building to building, improving the air for a clean and hygienic environment for clients.


  • "Charging and working simultaneously is just as efficient as having the cord in the wall; I don't have to stop."

  • "It's a game changer and a back saver."

By adopting the Sanitaire® TRANSPORT® Commercial Cordless Backpack Vacuum, Stanley and Raquel believe that their BSC commercial cleaning business has not only improved efficiency but has also elevated the quality of their cleaning services, resulting in higher client satisfaction and ultimately contributing to a more profitable bottom line and happier employees. This transition has demonstrated that investing in the right cleaning equipment can drive significant improvements in both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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