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Rising to the Challenge: Sanitaire’s Solutions in Hospitality for Productivity and Performance

As businesses continue to evolve in reaction to trends in travel, hotels find themselves grappling with a transformed landscape where heightened guest expectations have become the new norm. As room rates have increased, guests now demand an elevated standard of cleanliness. However, the hospitality industry is confronted with a shortage of cleaning staff, which leads to hotels implementing changes to their historical standard operating procedures in response. One measure was for hotels to forgo the standard daily cleaning routines. As a step taken to cope with staffing shortages, hotels had to forgo their standard daily cleaning routines.(1) This decision, while driven by operational necessity, may result in a decline in guest satisfaction scores. To maintain cleanliness standards, enhance operational efficiency, and keep their guests satisfied hotels must actively seek innovative and quality products to adjust to the guest expectations.

The Dilemma of Declining Guest Satisfaction Scores

Guest expectations have soared to new heights, with cleanliness playing a pivotal role in their overall experience. Recent travel trends show that in the past year, hotel room rates have increased up to +54%(2) leading to guests expecting more from their increased costs. However, hotels were forced to react to staffing shortages by skipping daily cleaning routines on multi-night guest stays. This compromise has led to a decline in guest satisfaction scores by up to 8 points on average vs prior year(3), creating a pressing need for hotels to reevaluate their cleaning strategies.

Staffing Shortages: A Barrier to Traditional Cleaning Practices

The hospitality industry is grappling with a shortage of cleaning staff, making it challenging to adhere to the traditional daily cleaning schedules. Hotels have seen a decrease as much as 8% decline in staff while number of rooms has increased 14%.(4) As a result, hotels are forced to explore more efficient and productive cleaning solutions that not only meet guest expectations but also streamline operations in the face of limited resources.

Adding to the complexity of the situation is the evolving legislative landscape, with some areas such as Washington DC mandating daily room cleaning and minimum staffing levels. Hotels find themselves in a delicate balancing act, needing to comply with these regulations while also addressing the challenges posed by a reduced workforce.(5)

Sanitaire's Response: A Paradigm Shift in Productivity and Performance

Sanitaire® recognizes the predicament faced by hotels and steps up to offer revolutionary solutions that address the unique challenges of the modern hospitality industry. As leaders in our industry and understanding the challenges businesses face, we know the Sanitaire® EON® QuietClean® Upright Vacuum, HydroClean® Hard Floor Washer, and TRACER Lightweight Cordless Vacuum are solutions to help businesses shift towards efficiency, productivity and performance.

The Sanitaire® EON® QuietClean® Upright Vacuum: Setting the Standard in Performance

Sanitaire's EON® stands as a disruptive force. Holding the CRI Gold rating, the EON® guarantees unparalleled dirt removal and unbeatable air filtration. Equipped with a fully sealed HEPA filtration system, it captures 99.97% of dirt and debris, to improve indoor air quality for guests and employees while decreasing the amount of dirt and allergens transmitting from room to room. This multi-surface vacuum excels on both carpets and hard floors and even doubles debris pickup on hard floors!(6) Operating at less than 70 dba, it offers a quiet yet powerful cleaning experience, enabling its use without disrupting guests. The EON® provides a revolutionary solution that redefines the expectations of cleanliness in hospitality.

The Sanitaire® HydroClean® Hard Floor Washer: Disrupting the Cleaning Process to Cut Your Cleaning Time In Half(7)

The Sanitaire® HydroClean® Hard Floor Washer emerges as a disruptive innovator in productivity. It challenges the conventional cleaning process by combining multiple steps into one swift operation. With the power to cut cleaning time in half(7), the HydroClean® outperforms traditional methods, providing a cleaner and more efficient solution. Say goodbye to sticky floors and dirty socks; the HydroClean® ensures a superior clean by cleaning better than a mop and bucket, effectively removing dirt and consistently utilizing clean water. The Sanitaire® HydroClean® not only ensures cleaner rooms for your guests but also enhances employee efficiency, enabling them to clean more rooms in the same amount of time. This, in turn, accelerates room turnover, ensuring your guests won't experience delays in accessing their freshly cleaned rooms!

The Sanitaire® TRACER Lightweight Cordless Vacuum: Clean Anytime with Cordless Versatility

The entryway is the first introduction your guests will have of your hotel reputation and keeping it clean at all times including rushes and quick cleanup of messes is necessary. Breaking away from the constraints of corded vacuums, the TRACER is a cordless, lightweight multi-surface stick vacuum weighing in at only 8 pounds. With an extended 40-minute runtime and wide-range LED lights illuminating debris, it delivers unmatched efficiency. Easily stored behind the front desk, the TRACER is highly maneuverable and can lay flat to fit under furniture and can quickly and easily clean elevators without worrying about a cord. The TRACER represents a new era where hotels can break free from the cords and illuminate the path to an unparalleled standard of entryway cleanliness.

As hotels navigate the intricate landscape of constantly evolving guest expectations, staffing shortages, and legislative mandates, Sanitaire® emerges as a category leader for hospitality solutions. The EON®, HydroClean®, and TRACER represent not only products but a transformative approach towards productivity and excellence. By embracing Sanitaire's innovative solutions, hotels can not only meet but exceed guest expectations, ensuring a seamless and hygienic experience that defines the new era of hospitality cleaning.

Elevate your hotel's standards with the Sanitaire® Edge – business solutions to the challenges of a changing world.

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(6) Based on ASTM F2607 testing of the SC5500B & SC5500A

(7) Based on an AICS Time & Motion Study as compared to a typical three-step manual cleaning process

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